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If you’ve never experienced the adventures South America has to offer, you owe it to yourself to book a trip now. From the rising mountains and glacial blue waters of Patagonia in Chile to the steppe of Argentina, with roaming guanaco and crystal clear waters, to the black waters of the Rio Parana and Rio Corrientes filled with Golden Dorado, this corner of the world provides exceptional angling opportunities in arguably some of the most unique and diverse settings.

Allow yourself to be wined and dined by guides and lodges with classic asado dinners and local Malbec. The culinary delights alone are worth the expedition.

Under the coaching and care of seasoned, professional guides, you will become lost in fishing experiences.


The Lake District of Chile is comprised of several chains of giant mountain lakes with glacier fed rivers, creating the ultimate habitat for trophy trout. There are several different tactics for pursuing these fish, from stripping leeches on sinking lines to casting dries in mile-long foam lines. Waterfalls paint the backdrop while your heart pounds watching cruising fish. We will travel from lodge to lodge in the region, each providing a new opportunity to find fish in different waters. We will spend the evenings soaking in the culture, enjoying the peace and tranquility of watching the river flow by, sipping on wine and feasting on lamb.

ARGENTINA – Northern Patagonia

Explore the many rivers, streams and landscapes of Northern Patagonia. In a single trip, we will experience mountain streams and lakes, as well as large-flowing, clear rivers. We will spend a few days fishing and camping along a river that winds through an area with little access, watching red deer and European hares play while we chase rainbow, brown and brook trout. This is the land of opportunity for large fish on dries and streamers. The clear waters allow for aquarium-like visuals of trout finning in the waters, chasing pancora or rising to caddis. We will stay in several different lodges with top notch accommodations. Some of our favorite streams involve overnight camping with float fishing during the day from campsite to campsite. A cook and camp helper float past us fishing on the river, headed downstream to set up a comfy campsite. When you arrive after a day of fishing, camp is ready and waiting with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, all just a cast away from the water.

ARGENTINA – Golden Dorado

In a tropical, freshwater river delta setting, we pursue the voracious predator fish known as the king of the river — the Golden Dorado. These incredible sport fish provide the ultimate thrill as they chase your streamer, popper or mouse. When they hit your fly, you will be awestruck as they launch out of the water into the air. We will stay directly on the riverbank so we can beat the heat and fish during prime time. Morning and evening fishing allows for a relaxing lunch and siesta. Several species of bird and an everglades-type landscape provides a spectacular backdrop to some of the most heart pounding fishing to be found in the world. When the sun is setting, birds start to sing as local gauchos ride past on horseback.

Our South American Outfitter

When we travel to Argentina or Chile, we meet up with local fly fishing outfitter Dany Johansen. Dany spent his life guiding fly fishermen from all over the world as one of the first Argentine outfitters. Back in 1975, fishing guiding wasn’t a known career in Argentina, but Dany met foreign fishermen at the desk he worked at the airport, and started taking them fishing. An outfitter from the United States suggested Dany make it a career, and the rest is history. Dany no longer guides, but coordinates trips with fishermen from all over the world – the United States, South Africa, Europe, Japan and more.

Please contact Mike Elliott ( | (406) 890-8735) for trip options, availability, and rates.

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